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Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that’s designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it’s needed. The Logic Pro 10.5 update is the biggest update since the release of Logic Pro X. There is now a book available for the 10.5 update with in-depth explanations of all the new features and changes. Best-selling author Edgar Rothermich has released his new book ‘ Logic Pro X — What’s New in 10.5 &. The influential publication of the Port-Royal Logic in 1662, first introduced the term non causa pro causa and explained the fallacy literally as “no cause for a cause.” 55 Varieties of false cause (or non causa pro causa ), other than those of post hoc and cum hoc discussed above, include the following. ‘Logic Pro X — How it Works’ is the book to start with, the foundation for every Logic user. With rich illustrations that are not found in any other publication, YouTube video, and even the official documentation.

(Works for Logic Pro 10.5 and 10.6)

Logic Pro Book by David Nahmani, founder of Logic Pro Help

Work with professional Logic Pro X sessions! Step by step exercises to tune vocals, sample instruments, align guitars and bass, arrange, mix, automate, and master the songs to bring them to completion.

  • Official Apple Certified Textbook
  • Professional Logic Pro X sessions
  • Real world tasks
  • Step by step exercises
  • Deep dive into the new Quick Sampler and Step Sequencer
  • Lesson goals and time estimates
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Listed for every step
  • Comprehensive Index to search the book

Excellent guide for learning Logic Pro

Step be step tutorials, easy to follow. Well worth the price.

Works fine with Logic Pro 10.6

Highly recommend this book of exercises. Great read, excellent downloadable content, and I’m a whole lot more confident and effective in the tool.

Great book for getting a handle on Logic

I’m finding this to be very helpful. Well organized.


Ask us in the official Logic Pro X 10.5 and 10.6 manual/tutorial book topic in our community forum.

Logic Pro X Books

Some of the professional Logic Pro sessions that you will download to work along with the book:

About the author:

David Nahmani is the founder of, the largest online community of Logic users. As an expert Logic Pro consultant and teacher, he has taught thousands of students, and worked for:

  • Steve Porcaro (Toto, Michael Jackson)
  • Toby Gad (Beyoncé, Alicia Keys)
  • Coco Morier (Britney Spears, Selena Gomez)
  • James Valentine (Maroon 5)
  • Mark Pontius (Foster the People)
  • Matt McJunkins (A Perfect Circle)

Logic Pro X Windows Download

  • The Record Plant in Los Angeles
  • The Winter Music Conference in Miami
  • The Grammy foundation
  • ASCAP ‘I Create’ Expo
  • TAXI Road Rally
  • Apple

David wrote and produced songs published by Cleopatra records, Metropolis records, MTV, and Decca/BMG. He coproduced a song on the last Pop Will Eat Itself album and engineered three classical albums for the Bernard Calmel orchestra in Paris, France.

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Joomla google. * Most Comprehensive (230 pages !)

* All the Changes and New Features

* Unique Graphics and Diagrams

* Information not found anywhere else

* Available as pdf, printed book, and interactive multi-touch iBook

Logic Pro X Pdf

If you haven’t learned all the new feature from the major upgrade 10.4, this book provides the most in-depth coverage on 230 pages to get you up to speed.

Logic Pro X Book By David Nahmani

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